Venturo Logic Controls (VLC™)

Electronic Crane Control Management System
Venturo’s new (VLC)™ Crane Control System provides added safety and benefits for crane operators. With multiple alerts and displays, crane operators will be able to operate a Venturo crane more safely, allowing control capacities and angles throughout load operation.

Wireless Remote

Wireless-remote, pistol-grip controller. This will be a standard feature as part of the (VLC) system for ALL proportionally-controlled Venturo Hydraulic Service Cranes.

Overload Protection

Precision-overload protection increases operator safety by controlling and preventing any type of overload on the crane. A result of this feature is a lighter-weight crane, which increases payload capacity on your service truck!


Multiple safety and capacity alerts. The VLC system features (4) alerts:

    • LCD Display Screen Text
    • Transmitter handle vibrations
    • Green/Yellow/Red alert light located on the underside of the boom
    • Corresponding lights on the wireless receiver


Real-time load and status LCD display shows percentage of load, boom angle in degrees, and percentage of total capacity during crane operation.


Vehicle stability and grade control:

Grade Functions
Less than 4.5° Full-capacity and normal operation of crane
4.5° – 6.5° All crane functions are reduced to 50%
Greater than 6.5° Winch-up, Boom-out and Boom-down functions are prevented