Venturo Logic Controls (VLC™)

Electronic Crane Control Management System
The role of high tech in the American service truck industry is playing a significantly more important role in new product development.  One of the biggest impacts has been the development and acceptance of PLC systems (programmable logic controls).  These European style control systems give the user greater control and safety features by using multiple sensors and user feedback functions with proprietary logic programming.  This technology has been a long time coming and Venturo has developed its own system in 2018.  Venturo’s new (VLC)™ Crane Control System provides added safety and benefits for crane operators. With multiple alerts and displays, crane operators will be able to operate a Venturo crane more safely, allowing control capacities and angles throughout load operation.

Wireless Remote

Wireless-remote, pistol-grip controller. This will be a standard feature as part of the (VLC) system for ALL proportionally-controlled Venturo Hydraulic Service Cranes.

Overload Protection

Precision-overload protection increases operator safety by controlling and preventing any type of overload on the crane. A result of this feature is a lighter-weight crane, which increases payload capacity on your service truck!


Multiple safety and capacity alerts. The VLC system features (4) alerts:

    • LCD Display Screen Text
    • Transmitter handle vibrations
    • Green/Yellow/Red alert light located on the underside of the boom
    • Corresponding lights on the wireless receiver


Real-time load and status LCD display shows percentage of load, boom angle in degrees, and percentage of total capacity during crane operation.


Vehicle stability and grade control:

Grade Functions
Less than 4.5° Full-capacity and normal operation of crane
4.5° – 6.5° All crane functions are reduced to 75%
Greater than 6.5° Winch-up, Boom-out and Boom-down functions are prevented