Collins Associates, Inc. was founded in 1952 by Arden “Art” Collins, and grew into the largest manufacturer’s representative agency in the truck body and equipment industry.

In 1964, Art formed the Truck Equipment & Body Distributors Association, which became the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA). Today, the NTEA represents thousands of companies across the country that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories.

Ron and Larry Collins assumed ownership from their father in 1978. The Venco liftgate line was acquired in 1979, and the company added a full line of scissors hoists for pickups, flatbeds and dump bodies in 1981. In 1989, they acquired an electric crane manufacturer, further expanded the product line to include hydraulic cranes and crane bodies, and officially changed the company’s name to Venturo Manufacturing, Inc.

In 1994, Brett and Scott Collins (Ron and Larry’s sons, respectively) joined Venturo. In late 2011, Brett was named President and Scott, Vice President of Operations.

In September 2013, Brett Collins, Dave Foster and Mike Strittholt purchased Venco/Venturo Manufacturing, Inc. becoming majority owners. Name was changed to Venco Venturo Industries LLC and today, they manage the best team in the crane and hoist business. To learn more about our staff, click here.

Recent product line expansions for Venturo include the all-new van cranes, exclusive U.S. distribution of Ferrari Articulating Cranes, and distribution of the BOSS line of air compressors.

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Timeline & Milestones

1952     Collins Associates Inc. founded by Arden “Art” Collins as the truck equipment industry’s first manufacturer’s representative agency.

1957     Moved to Glenmore office building. Added full staff for advertising and direct mail services.

1962     Acquired R.P. Hummel Distributing Co. in Cincinnati, OH for retail distribution of truck equipment.

1964     Art Collins formed the Truck Equipment & Body Distributors Association, which later became the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA).

1967     Changed name of RPH to Collins Truck Equipment and added second location in Lexington, KY.

1970     Expanded Collins Truck and moved to new building in Sharonville, OH.

1978     Ron and Larry Collins assume ownership from their father, Art Collins.

1979     Expanded C/A rep business and acquired new, larger office building on Montana Ave.

1979     Acquired Gaynon Truck Equipment in Jacksonville, FL.

1979     Acquired Venco Liftgates from Santa Anita Mfg. in CA.

1981     Developed the full line of Venco VP and VC scissors dump hoists for pickups, flatbeds and dump bodies.

1981     Moved Venco Mfg. to Gaynon Truck Equipment facility in Jacksonville, FL.

1983     Sold Collins Truck Equipment to Kaffenbarger Truck Equipment Co.

1984     Developed Venco patient lifts for Ellis and Watts CAT scan mobile vans.

1985     Developed the Venco Railgate.

1986     Developed the Venco SH side loader and later sold to Waltco Lift. Corp.

1989     Acquired Santa Anita Mfg. and the Venturo electric crane line.

1994     Built new plant and moved Venturo to present location on Best Place in Cincinnati, OH.

1994     Brett Collins, Ron’s son, and Scott Collins, Larry’s son, join the business.

1994     Ron Collins elected to the NTEA Board of Trustees and served 6 years.

1997     Developed the Venturo HT hydraulic crane line.

1997     Changed name of Santa Anita Mfg. to Venturo Mfg., Inc.

1998     Implemented Solidworks 3D modeling software.

1998     Implemented Kan Ban JIT inventory management system.

1999     Formed distribution agreement with Signature Truck Systems of Clio, MI., establishing an early and dominant presence in the propane truck market.

1999     Formed Ferrari North America partnership to distribute Ferrari Italian-made articulating cranes in the U.S.

2000     Developed the Venturo crane body line in partnership with Phenix Enterprises of Pomona, CA.

2004     Added overhead paint conveyor line and drying oven.

2006     Added hex boom manufacturing capability with automated seam welder.

2007     Formed Venturo Installation Center and hired Dave Foster. Launched new line of Venturo WorkForce crane service trucks.

2008     Closed Venco Jacksonville plant and moved manufacturing to Cincinnati, OH.

2009     Redesigned the entire line of Venturo ET electric cranes.

2010     Brett Collins elected to the NTEA Board of Trustees for a four-year term.

2010     Brett Collins appointed as President of Collins Associates/Venco/Venturo.

2010     Scott Collins appointed as Vice President of Operations.

2011     Developed and implemented the Venturo Rugged. Reliable. Real. brand marketing plan.

2011     Implemented Workwise ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

2012     Formed VTS Crane Training Services as industry’s first manufacturer providing OSHA compliant operator training.

2012     Expanded the manufacturing facility on Best Place in Cincinnati, OH by 30%.

2013     Brett Collins, Dave Foster and Mike Strittholt purchase Venco/Venturo Manufacturing, Inc.

2013     Company’s name changes to Venco Venturo Industries LLC.

2014     Ian Lahmer elected to the NTEA GenerationNEXT Board of Governors to a three-year term.

2014     Brett Collins joins the TSCMG (Telescopic Service Crane Manufacturers Group) with the NTEA.

2015     Brett Collins named Vice-Chairmen of the TSCMG (Telescopic Service Crane Manufacturers Group).

2016     Brett Collins named Chairmen of the TSCMG (Telescopic Service Crane Manufacturers Group).

2016     Dave Foster named Chairman of the NCCCO STWG (Service Truck Work Group).

2016     Venco Venturo launches new Van Crane product line which introduces the VC1000 and VC500FB Van Cranes.

2016     Expanded the production facility by 6,000 sq ft.