About Venco Venturo Industries LLC

Venco Venturo Industries LLC is a different kind of company. A company where our cranes and hoists are built to last, where your needs come first, and where every decision we make is based on our values.

We manufacture a rugged line of truck mounted cranes, service bodies, and hoists, backed by straight talk and real expertise. All of our products are built with pride by skilled craftsmen right here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A privately owned business since 1952, we supply a broad range of industries with reliable equipment that’s made to perform year after year — even in the most demanding environments. Our customers work in construction, mining, propane/gas, highway, utilities, pipeline, landscaping, and more.

Venco Venturo’s reputation for providing exceptional service and treating our customers with genuine respect is recognized throughout the industry. We are committed to serving our customers, distributors, and staff with excellence.

Rugged Design. Straight Talk.
Reliable Performance. Dedicated Service.
Real Expertise. Genuine Respect.

What does it mean?

Our Mission:
We produce truck-mounted cranes and hoists with Rugged Designs, Reliable Performance and Real Expertise.
Our Core Values:
Straight Talk, Accountability, & Genuine Respect
One look at a Venturo and you’ll know why why they say we’re the battleship of cranes
  • Rugged, tough, built to last – Made in America with American values
  • Top-notch performance – Will do what you ask of it, even in the toughest circumstances
  • Straight forward design – User-friendly features and controls
  • Craftsmanship – Made with pride by skilled tradesmen who care about making the best
  • Top quality components – To perform like no other, it must be built like no other
  • Specialized fleet of cranes – Expert craftsmen have designed our line around your needs
One call to Venco Venturo and you’ll know why our customers are here to stay
  • Authentic partnerships – These are not just words, they are the cornerstone of who we are
  • Straight forward, real people – Personable, straight talking people who treat you with respect
  • Experience and expertise – Generations of finding real solutions and creating solid cranes
  • Never satisfied with good enough – Genuine mindset of always improving and being the best
  • Accountability – We don’t rest until your needs are resolved
  • Accessibility – A responsive person who is there when you need them
  • Family values – You’ll experience our values of honesty, truth and integrity in all that we do

On our Venturo cranes…

“I have a Venturo ET20000.  It has been used, not abused.  Still working since 1976 which makes a good statement for the quality of the crane.”

Joe Ezzell
Ezzell Electric

* * *

“Venturo, without fail, supported us even when we didn’t deserve it.  I’m talking about those times when we needed a crane in 2 weeks and your competitors were advertising 12 week lead times.  Venturo always gave us the ability to get the sale and satisfy our customer!  I tell potential customers who ask “Why Venturo?, When we need to service an existing customer who is hard down during the fall, Venturo will assist us with diagnostics AND have the parts shipped before the other crane guys decide who’s responsible to help us.”

Joe Volk
Signature Truck Systems

* * *

“We really like these cranes and wish we had them on all of our trucks.”

Jim Bowie
Ferrell Gas
Atlanta Service Center

* * *

“I have a model ET10K.  This old unit is the best crane I have had and I have had most brands.”

Thomas S Dawe
Heavy Equipment Service LLC

* * *

“The Venturo crane we have is used for industrial hydraulics, repair and installation. The easy-to-use design of the crane makes doing jobs easy. I have used other brands in the past, but the Venturo cranes are a better design, simple and highly effective.”

Chris Halandras
Riverside, CA

* * *

“We have a service truck with a Venturo HT66-163-DTFWBB bed and a Venturo 11,000 lb. crane on it. I took some pictures of it out in the field working, and as you can see, it has quite the load on it. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy the great truck that was built for me.

I give you guys an A+ for your products. I love the truck — it is way beyond my expectations. Thanks for the great equipment you guys build for us in the field — it makes our job so much easier.”

Stallion Oilfield Construction_Ganado TX_8.2012_2
Scott Jessmer, Mechanic
Stallion Oilfield Construction
Ganado, Texas

* * *

“You all pulled us out of the grease again. We needed a part — and fast. I talked with Gary and he hustled to get us exactly what we needed. The VP of our company asked me: ‘Do you think it’ll come in?’ and I said, ‘I know it’ll be here.’

You guys always jump through hoops for us and we’re so impressed by that. Our VP himself said that he wishes all our suppliers were as good as you guys. If we need something, you’re there for us.

And when you’re having a rough day — which is bound to happen in this business — I can always call up the office and get immediate help from genuinely friendly people. I can’t say enough good things about you.”

Benjy Hardy
Knapheide Truck Equipment Centers – Southeast
Orlando, Florida

* * *

“I am very happy with my Venturo HT40KX. I love it.

I’ve been working on equipment out in the field under some very harsh conditions, as you can imagine in Canada, and I’m amazed that the HT40KX will boom out 20′ and pick up 2,000 lbs., even out of frozen snow.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve run a lot of trucks with a lot of cranes and Venturo’s was by far the best I’ve ever used. I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true.”

Len Cooper
Len Cooper Field Service
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

* * *

“This crane truck has been outstanding! The strength and ease of operation has certainly proven itself valuable several times over. First, we lifted several 1850 ASME dispenser filling station tanks out of position and put our own smaller tanks back into place, at an average weight of 4,000+ lbs. Secondly, the cordless remote is a joy to work with.

To watch someone who has a lot of experience with operating a crane use our truck for the first time, the comments are always positive and include, ‘This is unbelievable.’

We are very happy. Thank you very much for building a great product.”

Jim Yore
Wesco Energy
Muskegon, Michigan

* * *

“We here at the Suffolk County Department of Public Works are writing this to express our gratitude for introducing us to the Venturo line of crane bodies and cranes. Our satisfaction in the performance of this line of equipment is unsurpassed.”

Charles J. Bartha
County of Suffolk, New York

* * *

“Please accept our compliments on the all around excellence of your HT40KX crane.

Mulhern Gas purchased a rack style truck equipped with the HT40KX crane to set propane tanks for our customers. We were looking for one piece of equipment that could handle all of our tank lifting and moving needs. Needless to say, the HT40KX has exceeded our expectations.

The HT40KX has proven able to handle even the large 1,000-gallon propane tanks, often with heavy pumping equipment attached, with ease. The generous reach of its boom allows us to place our equipment even in the most difficult locations.

Moreover, the remote control feature of the HT40KX crane allows a single man to do the work of two or more. Freed from the need to always be in close proximity to the vehicle, one man can now set equipment with precision as he guides loads himself into the exact location. The HT40KX allows us to send one technician out for the day to do a range of jobs that used to require several men. So impressive are the capabilities of the HT40KX that on several occasions, we have been asked by competing propane dealers for assistance in their most challenging tank placements and retrievals.

The HT40KX has given us the ability to handle virtually any tank-setting situation. It has increased our productivity and become indispensable to our company.

Thanks for making our job easier.”

Rick Cummings
Vice President, Mulhern Gas Co., Inc.
Hudson, New York

* * *

“Just keep building them as you are. You have a great product. I thank you for such a fantastic, well-made piece of equipment. Keep up the great work.”

Joe Powers
Maintenance Coordinator
State of Maine Department of Conservation

* * *

“Your company exceeds expectations, and I appreciate that. Customer service has become the exception instead of the norm nowadays.”

Marcel Blevin
Stanley, North Dakota

On our Venco hoists…

“ I have used your lifts on three pieces of GMC equipment in the past when I ran a farm and they were excellent!!  The lifts were on various GMC pickups and had strenuous duty.  They were regularly maintained and we had no problem with them.  I just sold the last truck which had the lift, for fourteen years without a problem.”

Jeremy Wells
Kennesaw, Georgia

“My VC416 Venco dump hoist is more powerful than I even expected and very reliable. I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for one.”

Rusty Hamilton, Foreman
Fish & Wildlife Management
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

* * *

“I’ve had two of your scissor hoists over the years (1994 F-250 and 1999 Ram 2500) and love them!”

Chuck de Sieyes
Portland, Maine

* * *

“I’ve hauled 30-tons of stone already in my new trailer, and the hoist has exceeded my expectations! Great product. I will brag it up any chance I get.“

Jeran Pollock
Elliot Machine Works, Inc.
Galion, Ohio